You made the choice to rent a sailboat, boat or yacht to enjoy your next holiday, which is a great idea to be in full contact with nature, earning a living from the sea air and achieving the perfect tan. Getting to virgin paradises, sharing with the marine fauna, taking some pictures of postcards and getting to know new cultures is quite a journey.

However, when it comes to nautical tourism it is essential that you know some special practices and care that must be taken at sea for the trip to be as wonderful as it was dreamt.

Do not block the bathroom.
It is necessary to avoid throwing paper, cotton or articles of intimate hygiene in the toilet, because it will get stuck and besides the bad time, the charter company will penalize you with a fine for damages caused. If you do not manage to empty it properly, consult with the skipper.

Control the consumption of fresh water.
Generally the skipper teaches you to save water, but you must be very careful in this regard and consume it sparingly. Once you arrive at the port the first thing to do is to replace the fresh water and if there is the possibility of showering on land or washing clothes, do not hesitate to do so.

Controlling the use of electricity
Just like water. Boats are certainly equipped in this sense to enjoy ample autonomy, however, you should always make moderate use of electricity.

Anchor generously
By using not only the anchor but the entire chain on the boat, this will avoid uncomfortable and unnecessary situations.

Take care of the boat or sailboat as if it were your own, as any damage will be deducted from it when it is returned. Do not leave the boat, catamaran, yacht or sailboat at anchor alone without leaving a responsible person on board the boat, as most insurances are not responsible for unmanned casualties on board the boat.