We all have the fascination to do fun things together with our family and friends; and what better way than to do it, than, in the water, with a boat and being able to slide on the water in a slider at more than 50 km/h.
Without a doubt, the best way to enjoy with those we love the most while we raise the adrenaline skating on the water and that’s what nautical sliders are for. 

And even if you don’t believe it, there are many sports that include it, such as: kayaking, rowing, among others. If all this caught your attention, then you’ll want to know everything we have to tell you about these gliders.

Pay attention! 

Characteristics of a good nautical slider 
The sliders must have specific characteristics for the balance and rolling of these, especially by the collision of large waves against the inflatable, because the opposite could generate many risks. So, to avoid them, make sure they comply with all of the following:
It must be made of a material, such as plastic, that is very resistant so that it doesn’t break so quickly and doesn’t deteriorate in the sea either. 
Comfort and fun are everything. 
It should have very comfortable seats for people who want to get on the slider, especially if they are older people. And if they’re kids, make sure they don’t get too big. It’s the best way to have a good time doing sports at sea.
Colours are very important. 
They must have bright, eye-catching colours so that they can be seen at great distances in case of danger.
All sliders, by obligation, must have handles that people can hold on to so as not to fall.
Top 3 of nautical sliders

Among the most remarkable nautical slides we can find:

Sliding Shkwavetm 1-3 Pax

This product has a discounted price of: €346.14 (an undiscounted price of €461.51) and is 1.83 (m) x 2.18 (m) in size. It has a vinyl air chamber, and they go over a layer of double stitch nylon where to find more information about the product? You can find it here.

Slider Jobe Anura 2 Seats 

This product has a price of: 291,09€ and has a dimension of 165 (cm) x 160 (cm). In addition, they have very strong handles that have good resistance. The inflatable is made of very good quality neoprene. Where can I find more information about this product? You can find it here.

Sliding Viper 2pax

This product has a discounted price: €332.39 (an undiscounted price of €443.18). It has cameras protected by double-pointed nylon. If you wonder where to find more information about this product, just click here.

Where to buy them?

These products are very interesting, and they are very popular, especially when it comes to family vacations. 

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