Best place to rent catamarans

For those who wish to have an unforgettable journey by sea, a good option is to walk with the help of a catamaran, one of the most innovative and perfect boats for those who want to enjoy the sea.

A catamaran is a boat that has two parallel hulls of equal size. This boat stands out for being very light, which makes it easy to handle, not to mention the fact that it can reach almost any place easily and without many problems.

Modern design

This boat has a very modern design and is perfect for family trips or for trips in the company of close friends. These boats can be found in boat rental companies, companies like, considered one of the best in Europe. has a large variety of boats around Europe, so it is no surprise that it has a long list of catamarans ready to sail. Boats that have a modern style and designed for those who want to make the most of the sea. No doubt we have to highlight this incredible Bali Catamaran 4.1 2019, new, brand new and available in the fabulous waters of Ibiza and Formentera.

Space and comfort

One of the great benefits of these boats is their great space and comfort. You can travel with family or friend in a quiet and comfortable, with enough space to make everyone can adapt to the space and design of the boat.

The open design of the boat makes it very luminous, as well as ensuring that passengers have a 360° view of the entire place. Good views can ensure that passengers have a good appreciation of the trip, as well as help the captain of the boat to have a better sense of direction. Thanks to the design of two cases, greater independence can be obtained on board, which is a good option for trips where more than one family goes.

Nautical sliders to enjoy on board

We all have the fascination to do fun things together with our family and friends; and what better way than to do it, than, in the water, with a boat and being able to slide on the water in a slider at more than 50 km/h.
Without a doubt, the best way to enjoy with those we love the most while we raise the adrenaline skating on the water and that’s what nautical sliders are for. 

And even if you don’t believe it, there are many sports that include it, such as: kayaking, rowing, among others. If all this caught your attention, then you’ll want to know everything we have to tell you about these gliders.

Pay attention! 

Characteristics of a good nautical slider 
The sliders must have specific characteristics for the balance and rolling of these, especially by the collision of large waves against the inflatable, because the opposite could generate many risks. So, to avoid them, make sure they comply with all of the following:
It must be made of a material, such as plastic, that is very resistant so that it doesn’t break so quickly and doesn’t deteriorate in the sea either. 
Comfort and fun are everything. 
It should have very comfortable seats for people who want to get on the slider, especially if they are older people. And if they’re kids, make sure they don’t get too big. It’s the best way to have a good time doing sports at sea.
Colours are very important. 
They must have bright, eye-catching colours so that they can be seen at great distances in case of danger.
All sliders, by obligation, must have handles that people can hold on to so as not to fall.
Top 3 of nautical sliders

Among the most remarkable nautical slides we can find:

Sliding Shkwavetm 1-3 Pax

This product has a discounted price of: €346.14 (an undiscounted price of €461.51) and is 1.83 (m) x 2.18 (m) in size. It has a vinyl air chamber, and they go over a layer of double stitch nylon where to find more information about the product? You can find it here.

Slider Jobe Anura 2 Seats 

This product has a price of: 291,09€ and has a dimension of 165 (cm) x 160 (cm). In addition, they have very strong handles that have good resistance. The inflatable is made of very good quality neoprene. Where can I find more information about this product? You can find it here.

Sliding Viper 2pax

This product has a discounted price: €332.39 (an undiscounted price of €443.18). It has cameras protected by double-pointed nylon. If you wonder where to find more information about this product, just click here.

Where to buy them?

These products are very interesting, and they are very popular, especially when it comes to family vacations. 

So you can order their nautical sliders on our website Barcosonline, where you will get as an extra more than ten categories of pure products for the sea, so that you get everything you need in the same place, at the best price.

In addition, you can follow us on our social networks so you can give us your opinions and be able to contact them, besides, you can order shipments when you want and get where they want, these are: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Rent Boats For Pleasure And Recreation

Consider Sun and sea for a cruise vacation or getaway? You certainly need a boat rental service.

But where and how are you going to start? Even those who have had experience renting a sailboat might be shocked to learn that there are some things that can’t be missed. A different job and rented to the same destination may differ from your previous experience. Several boat rental agencies do not offer the services that you enjoy the last time you hired a ship. A speedboat rental may be different with Your sailboat rentals. Even if it is different, some prerequisites must be taken into account, including any or all of the following:

* Do you have a budget to finance the voyage?

* What kind of boat rental which You arrange?

* Are in accordance with the type of adventure off the coast You had in mind?

* Do you or your colleagues who will be prepared to escape the sea?

* Do you have the necessary arrangements for the duration and type of cruise you have planned?

* Is there a boat rental agencies near you that provide services in the location of your trip?

* What package of services offered by the charter Agency in your area? Check out Barracuda Ibiza is the best “rent a boat” in Balearic Islands

* What is included in a package of insurance? And how much does it cost? Whether it is incorporated or separate from the Pack has to offer?

* What facilities are offered on a boat you rent?

These questions and many other questions should be asked before embarking on a journey of pleasure as you planned. Remember: you plan a fun trip, not a disaster or the accumulation of stress, God forbid it. If you haven’t asked this question before discussing the latter, you’re lucky that this is a success. If not, you are not going to plan the next one.

Among the ships are rental agencies all over your area, take some time to get an idea of their background, the conditions of their service and the way of doing business, namely:

* Rates are subject to a specific type of ship lease package.

* Coastguard restrictions and pedagogical advice that there should be on the bulletin boards or in the travel tools provided by rental agencies.

* Bulletins and updates the weather is also very important and essential information for all those who go to sea.

* Assistant or employee who can be offered to guide the tenants in did the true adventures, such as diving, etc. Delivery of goods by these assistants may also be required.

* Precautions and emergency means of communication provided to operate and with energy or adequate supplies.

Discussion forum navigation often tends to expose the “bad guys” or unscrupulous operators. Need to visit these forums to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure.

What Should Be The Ideal Lifestyle For Navigation?

There is nothing like going to the water and spend a few days floating around. Far from the bustle of city life, the boat trips can rejuvenate your mind and body with the complete way. Since the beginning of human civilization, people living near the water. Egypt civilization began on the banks of the Nile, the Indus Valley civilization opened his eyes to the banks of the River Indus. Males had an undeniable affinity with water and boating is one of the oldest skills they get.

Our tight work schedule prevents us surrounded by city life which polluted and densely populated, but our desire to deliver urban slavery was not the dark gift of time and therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, We set off on our journey. From fishing on a quiet river to hold noisy parties on board, the Sun on the patio for grilling fish, there are lots of exciting adventures of choice for your stay on the ship. I will offer information about your ideal lifestyle to navigate.

Alone or in groups

You can travel the pleasure along with your friends and family or fully on its own. The best way to spend your time on board can vary according to the number of people that you meet. I give suggestions of how a person can stay on board and which group members can do it.

The best time to get into the ship

I recommend you rent boats a month or two ago and organize Your dorm at night. You must be curious to know why I suggest you make a night entrance to the ship. The first reason is, after a long trip on the road, it is very likely you are tired. If you enter the ship on the day or evening, you may be extremely tired so you can not enjoy the visit. Therefore, better regulate the entrance of night, sleep well, rest well, recovered and was up early. Recommended for both individual travelers and those traveling as a team.

Woke up on ships with music

The best way to wake up on board is with music. It would be nice if you manage to set an alarm with local songs, I mean track the places you visit. This will give you a very good start on the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re floating in the sea, rivers or lakes, make sure you don’t miss the boat time ahead of you. I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience of seeing the sunrise from the water. The perfect start for the day.

Do you offer a variety of activities?

Living in a ship equipped with the many adventure activities. Once you finish your breakfast, you can get started today just by looking at the exotic beauty of the surrounding environment. If you are sailing on a river or Lake, you might be lucky enough to see the vegetation, wildlife or even nearby location. You can take pictures, spent time in painting or just listen to music or read your favorite book. Boat rental companies also offer special deals to their clients to interact with the locals. If you’re floating in the sea, you can feel the immensity of the ocean. This is a magical experience to see water everywhere. This gives you the inspiration, motivation, and excitement without equal. People who are traveling in groups can participate in fishing, parasailing, kite flying and other impressive activity.

Local food, it should be on Your lunch menu

Lack of local specialties for you to explore is not acceptable for shipping expeditions. Ask the chef prepares local specialties, that will be fantastic. Tickle Your palate with something you’ve never tried before. Sharing lunch with other people on the ship and converse will provide more excitement. For individual travelers, enjoy your food in the middle of nature. Lunch in a quiet and tranquil environment would be the most fantastic life. Make sure not to NAP while on board, otherwise, You could lose a lot of wonderful stuff.

Be prepared for an unforgettable afternoon

The evening is probably the most delicate moments in the life of your boat. People who are part of a group can set the Party on board and dance popular songs by Shakira or Spears. For those who appreciate a calm and quiet environment, they can have a glass of wine and simply enjoy the beauty of the sea or river that has not been established. Right when you see the sunrise, it’s time to see it calmly down to the heart of the water. Frame the dream that will leave lasting impact on your mind.

An unforgettable night on board

Inside the boat, most people notice that time flies so fast that you can’t even get the fewest instructions. If your party into the party late, You don’t have to worry because it is not in a hurry to go home. You can enjoy every moment of your time on the ship. For those traveling alone, night out on the water is the time to go back to memories of life. On board, you can survive late because you don’t have to go to work early the next day. Go to sleep whenever you want, and you can plan your future in other ways.

Living in a sailboat is much more luxurious than staying in a hotel room. Life on the ship, even for a few days, could give new life to your daily routine that is dull and boring.